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Acme Products is pleased to provide this portal to help train our strategic marketing, sales, and client support executives on best practices for bringing our products and services to the marketplace. Below are the materials that you will need to assist you in these sales and product launch. A careful review should answer a majority of the questions you have. If you have any additional questions about the materials provided here, contact our Marketing Coordinator, Maria Wily at 555-555-5555.

Sales Tools

Materials in this section include items that sales and client management executives can use in initial outreach to existing or prospective clients.


April 12, 2018|

A document of frequently asked questions for the Sales Team.

Pricing / Rates

April 12, 2018|

A pricing tool to determine pricing for all of our core products.

Proposal Template

April 12, 2018|

A standard proposal template to use during the sales process. Customize to address specific client needs.

Sales Deck

April 12, 2018|

PowerPoint slides for sales and client management executives to use for client-facing presentations.

Marketing Collateral

This section contains items the marketing team can make use of in developing its own branded or co-branded materials to promote our core products.

Case Study: Pilot

April 12, 2018|

The results of a two-year pilot program utilizing ProductXYZ. The case study outlines the amazing results achieved.


April 12, 2018|

The purpose of this eBook is to provide a basic introduction to ProductXYZ, and how it fits into the workplace.

Benefits Flyer

April 12, 2018|

A one-pager that highlights the benefits of our core products, plus insights, outcomes, and impact to the bottom line.

Product Brochure

April 12, 2018|

A brochure that provides an introduction to the core products, a review of their validity and scientific basis.

Client Management

Materials in this section include items that the sales and client management team can use in client launch and implementation.

Sample Score Card

April 12, 2018|

A sample of our Monthly Client Score Card which focuses on monthly enrollment, assessments, and baseline values.

Sample Report

April 12, 2018|

This is a sample of our Quarterly Program Report, which includes outcomes, efficacy, and user satisfaction.

Client Kickoff Deck

April 12, 2018|

PowerPoint slides that the sales and client management executives can use to launch a new client.

Training Video

April 11, 2018|

This video can be used by the client to train their staff on the proper way to use our products.

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