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Know What You Want From a Partner and What They Want From You

Many entrepreneurs and even established companies go into the partnership (reseller) process without fully understanding and documenting precisely what they want out of the partnership program. Therefore, they never truly know if they were successful or not. Worse, if you don’t know what you want, how can you ever achieve it? Similarly, these organizations fail to understand what their intended [...]


Webinar on Building a Partnership Program

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The Three Levels of Sales Required in Sales Partnerships

Selling product through a sales distribution or partnership program can be tricky for a variety of reasons. And, while it can be very lucrative if done properly, it can be disastrous if not done properly.    What many companies miss is that selling through a partner program is a three-level sale.  First, you must sell to the management of the [...]


Why Partnerships Work and Why They Fail

Did you ever wonder why partnerships succeed and others fail?  There are a variety of reasons for this.  Many companies try to sell their products through another organization’s sales force and even have it implemented and supported by that organization’s services people.  This can be either very lucrative or be a complete bust.  What’s the difference? There are a number [...]


12 Characteristics of a Good Distribution Sales Partner

When trying to decide whether an organization will make a good potential distribution or sales partner for you, there are a number of characteristics or criteria that you should think about.  Partnerships are hard and signing partners takes only a fraction of the time required to make them successful.  So, you need to focus on the right partnerships and then [...]


eBOOK: Establishing Effective Partnerships

This eBook will explore general concepts that entrepreneurs should consider in selecting and working with a partner. We will explore the partnering relationships and provide guidance on choosing the right partnerships based on your needs and guidelines for how to think about revenue sharing. This eBook Covers: Reasons For Having a Partner Program Good Partnerships Versus Bad Partnerships Your [...]

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