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Partner Support offers the tools and services to make your sales referral or distribution partnerships effective. The resources below will help you understand the importance of establishing a portal for your sales partners. Additional resources on our Member Resources page are available to members of Partner Support.


Maximize Your Indirect Sales Channel for Stronger Sales Outcomes

To win, modern sellers need to be prepared to lead these consultative, value-driven sales discussions with real-time data and insights. And while many companies are beginning to recognize this need and equip their direct sellers with the sales enablement technology and training necessary to succeed, there remains a staggering gap in resources for indirect sellers... Read more of this [...]


12 Critical Questions Your Partner’s Sales Person Has

Not everyone automatically “gets” your product. That’s a pipe dream. When selling through a distribution partner, you need to make sure that you address the fundamental questions that your partner’s sales people have about your product before you even have a chance of success.  But not proactively addressing and communicating the answers to these questions will lead to great disappointment [...]


The Partner Portal

Many organizations wish to have other organizations (partners) sell their product for them. When trying to establish sales or distribution partnerships, it is important to remember that the distribution partner’s sales organization needs the same care and feeding as your own sales organization.  The big differences are that you do not have constant access to them, they have many other [...]


How to Use the Partner Portal

The partner portal is built for two related purposes. The first is as a sales aid for organizations trying to impress potential partners. Showing the partner portal to a prospective partner immediately puts you in a different category. It shows that you know what you are doing and will work to make the partnering relationship work. This can be especially [...]

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