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eBOOK: Establishing Effective Partnerships

This eBook will explore general concepts that entrepreneurs should consider in selecting and working with a partner. We will explore the partnering relationships and provide guidance on choosing the [...]

eBOOK: Establishing Effective Partnerships2018-08-27T16:06:39-05:00

Sample Score Card

A sample of our Monthly Client Score Card which focuses on monthly enrollment, assessments, and baseline values. Download (PDF)

Sample Score Card2018-05-08T21:32:02-05:00

Sample Report

This is a sample of our Quarterly Program Report, which includes outcomes, efficacy, and user satisfaction. Download (PDF)

Sample Report2018-05-08T21:32:22-05:00

Client Kickoff Deck

PowerPoint slides that the sales and client management executives can use to launch a new client. Download (PPTX)

Client Kickoff Deck2018-05-08T21:32:54-05:00

Case Study: Pilot

The results of a two-year pilot program utilizing ProductXYZ. The case study outlines the amazing results achieved. Download (PDF)

Case Study: Pilot2018-05-08T21:32:54-05:00


The purpose of this eBook is to provide a basic introduction to ProductXYZ, and how it fits into the workplace. Download (PDF)


Benefits Flyer

A one-pager that highlights the benefits of our core products, plus insights, outcomes, and impact to the bottom line. Download (PDF)

Benefits Flyer2018-05-08T21:32:54-05:00

Product Brochure

A brochure that provides an introduction to the core products, a review of their validity and scientific basis. Download (PDF)

Product Brochure2018-05-08T21:32:55-05:00


A document of frequently asked questions for the Sales Team. Download (PDF)


Pricing / Rates

A pricing tool to determine pricing for all of our core products. Download (XLSX)

Pricing / Rates2018-05-08T21:32:55-05:00
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